A downloadable game

Made for Procjam 2018, Toxic features a procedurally generated world. Your aim is to get to a destination, guided by your compass. Watch your altitude though, high mountains bring fresh air!

Credit to Sebastian Lague for great tutorials on procedural terrain generation: https://goo.gl/UkuLqi


Move - WASD

Look - Mouse

Jump - Space

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and open FinalBuild.exe! Enjoy!


Toxic.zip 51 MB


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Hello Xen,

I just played Toxic and found a (cool) glitch in the skybox texture:

It is so cool that, if you didn't had posted screenshots, I would think that you generate them on purpose! Is it?

It happens consistently, even after downloading a second time. No idea why...

Everything else is working fine! I'm unable to ever reach the destination though X-D

Thanks for playing! I've no idea what happens with the skybox, I never experienced that. Does it happen immediately after opening the game? I also wasn't sure if I made it obvious enough that you regain health at higher altitudes ^^

Hi! Yes, it happens once starting and continues throughout the game. It looks like parts of a giant square black box overlapping with the actual skybox. I google it a bit, but no luck finding a possible cause. I'm in Windows 7 (x64) and have a Intel Graphics, just in case you find it to be relevant. Please tell me if you ever find the cause!  :D Hehehe, yes, I was wondering if all places were actually toxic (so the game is about never stop running and maximizing your time in higher elevations ) or if one could 'rest' at the top of mountains. Maybe you could add more explicit indications, either of health levels (a bar?) or the toxicity level instead of the elevation. Another possibility would be to represent toxicity hazards with visual cues in the terrain (textures, objects).